Benefits Of A Straighter Smile

Many patients turn to orthodontics for a more attractive smile, but did you know that straightening your teeth can also improve your overall oral health? With our Invisalign aligners, you’ll enjoy more benefits than just a boost to your confidence or appearance.

Migraine Treatments

Many patients suffer from debilitating headaches, which can be caused by crooked teeth. When your teeth aren’t straight, your bite can be “off,” putting strain on your oral muscles. With time that muscle pain can progress into your neck and shoulders, creating a recurrent migraine problem. Using orthodontics as part of your comprehensive treatment can assist in relieving head pain and muscle strain by correcting the fit and placement of your teeth.

Protect Your Teeth

When your smile is crowded, protruding teeth are more likely to be injured during an accident or fall. Protect your teeth from damage by gently guiding your teeth into their optimal, protected position with Invisalign trays. Not only does a straight bite reduce your risk of chips and breaks, it also extends the life of your teeth. Uneven teeth, and a misaligned bite, are more likely to suffer from uneven wear on the enamel.

A Healthy Smile

When teeth are crowded and crooked, keeping them clean becomes more challenging. Tight spaces and awkward angles can allow bacteria to flourish. A straighter smile can reduce your risk of…

  • Cavities
  • Gum Disease
  • Tooth Loss

… as well as many health conditions associated with periodontal disease, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, infertility and more.

Invest In Your Dental Health

Dr. Gold’s Source Dental is a preferred Invisalign provider. Be sure to ask about our current orthodontic incentive and financing options available through DentoPlan. Evening and Saturday appointments are available for your convenience.

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Tooth Doctor Articles by Dr. Frank Gold

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